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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 2 > The History Of AU Optronics

The History Of AU Optronics

AU Optronics is a company, which manufactures thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels, which are more commonly known as TFT LCD. The company is officially known as AU Optronics Corporation and is a Chinese based company. The company is a publically traded company and is on the New York Stock Exchange as AUO. The company was founded in 1996 as Acer Display Technology, Incorporated. It is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan and Kuen Yao Lee is the Chairman of the company. The company's main industry is computer peripherals and it has more than 43,000 employees. The company has revenue of $14.8 billion in USD in 2007.
AU Optronics is considered one of the world's top three manufacturers of their products. The company was officially formed in September 2001. This occurred when Acer Display Technology Inc which was the predecessor of AUO, and Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation merged. Later, in 2006, AUO merged again this time with Quanta Display Incorporated. When this occurred the companies created the largest TFT LCD manufacturing company. The company made up some 20 percent of the world's large sized TFT LCD market. This is what has helped to develop the company into what it is today.

AU Optronics currently provides its LCD panels for some of the leading manufacturers of LCD televisions and products in the world. This includes companies such as Samsung, Apple, ViewSonic and BenQ. The products it purchases range widely in terms of size as well as in their application abilities. Some of the LCD panels that the company makes are as large as just 1.5 inches in size, up to 65 inches in size. Because of the demand for this type of product, the company continues to grow and to flourish, adding a staff of more than 43,000 people in just a short period of time since its development. The company's operations are worldwide. While the company is a mainstream presence in Taiwan, it is also a growing and large company in the United States, Singapore, Europe, Japan, South Korea and China.

The company has been voted as one of the best in its field numerous times. The company was the first manufacturer of TFT LCD products to be successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Moreover, by 2004, the company was ranked as number 17th in Business Week Magazine's Global IT Companies. The company also ranked at number 53 in the magazines Infotech 100 for the year of 2008.

There are many things that have helped to make AU Optronics a top producer in the world, and in particular it was the fact that they were the first manufacturer of TFT LCD products in Taiwan to mass product them that really helped to set them apart. The company did this through means of G3.5, G4, G5, G6 and G7.5 fabrications. By the second half of 2009, the company plans to launch G8.5 fabrication.

AU Optronics is a leader in various sectors with its product. It is common for LCD televisions. It is also used in monitors for various computer server systems. The company's products are used in notebook personal computers, as well as in mobile devices. The company's products are found in industrial displays, car displays, DSC, DVC, and PMP aspects as well as in various other general applications and continue to expand.

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