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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 2 > The History Of At&t

The History Of AT&T

AT&T has worldwide acceptability; the name is synonymous with the best, most reliable telephone service not only in the United States, but also the world. AT&T is the largest provider of both local and long distance telephone services in the United States and it is the second largest provider of wireless service in the United States.

AT&T provides one of the most advanced and powerful global backbone networks in the world. The network has daily phone and data traffic in every continent and country and maintains a 99.999 percentage of reliability. The wireless carrier provides service for 77 million customers allowing them to effortlessly travel to and communicate with more than 200 countries. AT&T offers wireless data coverage for laptops, hand held devices on seven continents and more than 200 countries. Service is also available on cruise lines worldwide.

AT&T has won numerous awards and honors in Leadership, Reputation and Giving; Workforce Inclusion; Supplier Diversity; and four 2009 Global Wholesale Carrier Excellence Awards from ATLANTIC-ACM Service/Innovation. Industry accolades include the Frost and Sullivan 2008 North America Company of the Year Award

Working with Apple, AT&T is the exclusive United States wireless carrier for the both the iPhone and the new 3G iPhone. It is also largest provider of broadband in the United States, serving more than 16 million high-speed Internet subscribers.

Known as the largest WiFi provider in the United States, AT&T offers more than 80,000 hot spots around the world, including approximately 7,000 Starbucks locations. AT&T provides IP based communications services for businesses and offering such features as Virtual Private Network and Voice over IP. AT&T is the nation’s largest directory publisher, providing directories to over 173 million customers. But it is also the parent of YELLOWPAGES.COM, which offers directory assistance to Internet users.

AT&T is committed to becoming more energy efficient and reducing their environmental impact. Believing that effective energy management to be crucial to maintaining reliability and remaining competitive, the company is working to enhance energy efficiency in the workforce area, information technology systems and their networks. AT&T is a member of the Green Grid consortium and the company participates in a data collection initiative to assist the Environmental Protection Agency in developing an Energy Star rating for data server centers. They are investing in alternative and renewable energy sources and improving fleet efficiencies. AT&T reuses and recycles many materials. Work is being done to divert wireless devices from landfills; some products are able to be reused and find their way to different charities across the country while others are divested of plastic, copper and other reusable metals. AT&T also attempts to engage suppliers in examining new methods of reducing energy consumption and cost, while still providing quality, performance and features.

AT&T is always looking to the future, seeking new innovative products and methods in an effort to provide their customers with the high quality, reliable service they have come to expect. One of those services is AT&T Web Hosting.

One of the newest products is the Blackberry Bold. A much anticipated Global 3G BlackBerry Smart phone this device features a sleek finish, and a high resolution, ultra bright display. It has more speed, more power and more memory. Users can easily and quickly download or edit email attachment, access web pages and leverage productivity applications. And talking on the phone does not interfere with sending or receiving email or accessing the web.

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