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Home > Learn More > Page 6 > ASP Hosting for Your Website

ASP Hosting for Your Website

Creating a website with ASP (Active Server Pages) does not eliminate the need for ASP hosting. You will still need a provider to host your website and make sure everything is functioning properly and running as you are expecting. In addition, your hosting provider will also provide the server you will need to host your website. In most cases the serve will be either Linux or Unix, but some website providers may use a different one. The important thing with ASP hosting is to remember the server must be compatible with ASP, so don’t choose a hosting provider unless you know they are compatible with ASP.

ASP hosting does not have to be expensive; in fact it is very common to find free ASP hosting online. Cheap hosting and/or free ASP hosting does not indicative of low quality by any means. One cannot judge the quality of web hosting of any kind with its price—there are inferior web hosting providers that charge exorbitant prices. It’s important to understand the importance of research and reading reviews before you choose any web hosting provider—by taking the time to do your homework you will avoid any chance of being stung by someone with a poor reputation. In the case of ASP it’s important to choose a provider whose server is compatible with ASP. You can find this information on their website, and if you do not see ASP specifically identified, you may want to look for another web hosting provider for your ASP website.

ASP provides more functionality for your website than HTML. Having a truly active website is what will sell your products or services; it is the rope that will lure your customers to your website. The more interaction you have the more likely they are to navigate past the main page onto other pages that may peak their interest. Of course, you want to make sure you provide the information they need as well as making your website attractive for new visitors. The purpose of your website is not just to draw in new visitors but maintain the old ones as well. This is one way ASP helps you as a business owner—you can customize your website using different tools and thus create an atmosphere that will appeal to customers.

When you choose high quality ASP hosting you can be sure your website will do everything you expect it to do. Creating an interactive site will encourage visitors to return later, and the more one person or company visits your website, the more likely they are to buy something. Keep in mind the fact they are returning shows they have at least a minor interest in what you are offering. The key is to continue upgrading your website so visitors will come back later and eventually find what they need. Beginning with ASP to create your initial site is a step in the right direction; choosing the right ASP hosting provider will help you ascertain continued success.


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