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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 2 > The History Of AmDocs

The History Of AmDocs

The odds are that most people have never even heard of the company called Amdocs. However, it has been one of the most important providers of services and software for customer relationship management, billing, web portals, and operations support systems for many years now. The company was originally founded way back in 1982 in chesterfield, Missouri. Some of their most popular clients include such Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunications companies such as AT&T U-Verse, DirectTV, AT&T Mobility, Cable One, Comcast, Cablevision, Jupiter Communications, Sensis, T-Mobile, Sprint-Nextel, Fido solutions, Rogers Communications, and Vodafone. The company also offers clients the use of outsourced data center and customer service operations. Amdocs is headquartered out of Chesterfield, Missouri, and they currently employ over 17,000 workers, and they are able to serve customers in over fifty different countries.

The company was originally a spin off company of the Aurec Group, which was established by Morris Kahn. At that time, it only dealt with directory services such as the yellow pages. There were several other spin off companies to come from the Aurec Group, including the cable television provider known as Golden Channels, AIG Golden, which was a joint venture with the insurance company AIG, and the internet service provider known as Golden Lines. Amdocs itself is very far reaching, with development facilities located in Ireland, China, Cyprus, India, the United States, and Israel, and also operates a Brazilian support center, as well as operations in Europe, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region and North America.

Amdocs introduced CES, or Customer Experience Systems in January of 2008, and that is what they center their main products around now. Introduced as CES 7.5, this program is designed to help customers to be able to transform their businesses into the next generation of customer centered organizations. This is all done through a complete service and product suite that includes products for CRM, mobile advertising, an entertainment platform, a commerce platform, operation and business support systems, as well as customer self service.

Company acquisitions have been a very large part of Amdocs, and have contributed to its large amount of success. In late 2001 the company purchased Nortel Network’s Clarify CRM system. In the summer of 2005, they acquired DTS Innovis, which was a vendor that provided end to end customer billing and customer care for cable, satellite and broadband operations. In the spring of 2006, Amdocs acquired another company, Qpass, which was based out of Seattle and had an Austrian subsidiary that provided them with market leading solutions intended to accelerate the growth of e-commerce by enabling the merchandising and the marketing of digital services and goods, and also by facilitating business relationships that were multi party. That acquisition alone cost Amdocs nearly $300 million. In the summer of 2006, the company then purchased Cramer Systems, which was based out of the United Kingdom and provided a market leading OSS solution to the telecom operators. This purchase set Amdocs back a record $375 million. However, there was no stopping this company and they have continued to purchase more and more companies and have grown their own company enormously. Companies like Moria, SigValue, JacobsRimell, and Ireland’s Changingworlds company have all added to Amdocs success. The future definitely looks bright for this company, especially since the telecommunications industry continues to become larger each and every day.

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