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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 2 > The History Of AllTel

The History Of AllTel

Alltel Corporation was the fifth largest wireless telecommunications company located within the United States. It had 14.7 million customers, as of the last known data of the fourth quarter of 2008. The company was only behind AT & T Mobility, Sprint Nextel Corporation and T-Mobile in customer count. Verizon Wireless later acquired the company, though both companies are in operations. The company is a privately owned company. It was founded in 1943 in Little Rock, Arkansas and is currently led by Scott T. Ford. In revenue, the company had more than $8.8 billion in sales in 2007 and was an employer of more than 15,000 people (as of 2006).
By area, Alltel's coverage area was the largest network within the United States as it was available in 34 states. The company did offer wireless services to both business and residential consumers in all 50 states by providing a low cost roaming plan. This plan, at its inclusion, gave all Alltel customers access to nationwide coverage, but the company was often the most popular in smaller and even rural cities, where it flourished with little competition.

Verizon Wireless purchased Alltel for $28 billion in a merger deal in June of 2008. The merger helped to create the largest network in the country with 83.7 million wireless subscribers between the two companies. The plan covers nearly the entire United States land mass. The Alltel company merger was approved by the FCC and should be completed by July of 2009. At that time, all Alltel customers will become Verizon Wireless customers, especial for 2.1 million who will soon be divested which was a requirement of the FCC and DOJ.

Alltel was founded in 1943 as Allied Telephone Company. The company specialized in installing poles and cabling for local phone companies. Later, Allied Telephone and Mid Continent Telephone companies would merge together, which is the true start of the Alltel Company known today. The company expanded far beyond the local telephone service provider and by 1985, the company had opened its first wireless system in North Carolina. The company would become totally wireless providers in December of 2005, leaving behind its local business operations.

Today, Alltel is still in operations. The company is a leader in wireless communications, offering a range of products and services and even the development of new ones. Some of their strongest products include their extensive line of mobile phones and plans, many of which offer a large amount of flexibility and discount pricing. Alltel offers BlackBerry devices, which are smart phones aimed at the business client. In addition, the company continues to offer top texting, video, and other services and features. The company also has a line of affordable prepaid plans that allow consumers to pay as you go for their mobile service. The company is dedicated to both personal and business customers.

The company is working to merge with Verizon Wireless, but the transition will be slowly done. When the two combine, Alltel customers will be able to access Verizon Wireless’ nationwide voice and the company's advanced broadband network. Consumers will have access to all of Verizon Wireless’ resources and services, including its 3G network which is the country's largest. The My Circle Plan, which is the company's foremost plan current, will remain the same after the transition takes place.

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