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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 2 > The History Of Alexa

The History Of Alexa

Alexa is a type of Internet. The Alexa Internet was founded back in April of 1996. The purpose behind creating Alexa Internet was based on creating an Internet that was intelligent and that was constantly enhancing the participation of the Internet users. Since the creation of Alexa in 1996, there have been various developments for Internet tool bars which function on an installation basis, one of the biggest web crawls, and an infrastructure that was designed and developed for the processing and serving of large amounts of data and information. These creations from the Alexa Internet have been the reason behind numerous revolutionary web navigation developments and web intelligence.

The Alexa Internet would not be half as great with out the Alexa tool bar. The Alexa tool bar is based on a large community. Each member in the Alexa tool bar community is contributing valuable information for the World Wide Web. For instance, the Alexa tool bar users provide insight on the Internet, how the Internet is used, and what is relevant and what is not. This useful information is stored in the Alexa tool bar community as related links and traffic rankings among various other things. The more individuals that use the Alexa tool bar the more the useful it will become.

The Alexa web site was built for the purpose of providing timely and relevant information that is crucial to having an enjoyable Internet experience. The information that is found on the Alexa web page is built and gathered for an information data base that is unlike any other on the web. The Alexa web site provides users and visitors with information pertaining to statistics, related links, and frequent searches among various other things. All of this information and data can be located on the over view page on the Alexa web site. The Alexa web site provides over view pages, traffic detail pages, and related links pages. You can find this data for a specific web site by simply inputting the web sites' URL in to the Alexa search bar.

The Alexa web site also provides users with a list of top web sites that the visitor or user can separate into top sites based on location or country, by native language, or by a specific category. The Alexa web site has also created a system for site owners, which provides site owners with a set of web site tools. These tools can be utilized in a way that can help web site owners increase their web site traffic, generate more revenue or income, find broken or corrupted links and files, and much more. The Alexa web site also created a web services program which is located on the Amazon web host services plat form.

The Alexa web site and tool bar along with all of the other Alexa services and programs are designed to provide each user with the most intelligent Internet today. The Alexa web site and service programs are created to help each user and to provide each user with a fast, efficient, and effective Internet experience.  The Alexa Internet monitors searches and web sites to provide users with a look in to what is really going on in the World Wide Web which makes the Internet experience kind of interesting to say the least.

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