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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 2 > The History Of Akamai

The History Of Akamai

Akamai is a technology company that has been at the forefront of providing distributed platforms for computers, global Internet solutions and delivery of applications, with its headquarters being in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The name of the company comes from the Hawaiian name denoting intelligence or smartness which has in essence been the hallmark of this company.

Akamai has been credited with its transparent content mirroring, from HTML to CSS, while not forgetting aspects like graphics, audio, video and animation, all from the specific customer servers. The way the solution works is through having a domain name which is the same, but having the IP address pointing towards an Akamai server, and not the server of the customer. From this point henceforth, this Akamai dedicated server will be picked automatically but this depends much on the content as well as the location of the network of the user.

The splendid nature of this is that any user will be able to receive all contents from any of the Akamai servers that are closest to them. This is very important more so to those who require fast downloading capability, as it is what this Akamai service will enable you to, as well as very few cases of vulnerability to any congestion of networks or outages.

Akamai provides other innovative services and products such as image caching, provision of services that will accelerate the dynamism of your personalized content, streaming of media to suggest the framing from a local perspective, and applications of J2EE-compliancy.

The remarkable service offered by Akamai has been attributed to its high class and prized customers, who include very outstanding media, computer and Internet hosting companies.  In fact, the Arabic television news network, Al-Jazeera, happened to one of the outstanding customers of Akamai services in 2003, until the company pulled out because of the inherent political pressure. In addition, the NewsMarket had to team up with Akamai technologies in 2008 ahead of the Olympics in Beijing, in the acceleration of dynamic contents that are a requirement of the global media.

Akamai has become a primary player in terms of delivering content for expediting space. It has been able to effectively deliver a channeled web experience for its consumers. In fact, its first ever customer who used its clear-cut services happened to be Yahoo.

From the year 1998 Akamai has been able to make the delivery of content as the main core of its business, as well as branching out with some professional services tiers in Internet consulting, together with the related site delivery and digital media solutions. If you are a firm after delivering rich and perfect user experience, with consistency and speed, then you should visit Akamai and the experience will transform your business for ever.

If there is any company with a clearly defined future that would lead to excellence, Akamai is a sure winner. This is because of the services it offers and the demand that they have today with every sign depicting their surge into the future. Such dynamic applications are in use by corporations and medium size enterprises for the connection with all if their customers, suppliers and employees. It is a networking of sorts that make different entities in a business establishment to be in communication and in tandem with one another. This is the future of the 21st century business excursions, arguably the future of Akamai.

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