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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 2 > The History Of Acer

The History Of Acer

Founded in Taiwan, Acer is a multinational manufacturer of electronics. They also happen to own the largest franchised personal computer retail chain that exists in Taipei, Taiwan. It is also the 3rd larges personal computer manufacturer in the world behind Hewlett Packard and Dell Incorporated. Their product line incorporates a variety of personal computer products including laptops, desktop systems, as well as servers and storage, peripherals, displays, e-business services for business, government, education, and even home users, and personal digital assistants which are also commonly referred to as PDA’s. The company was originally called Multitech, and was founded in 1976 by Stan Shih, his wife Carolyn Yeh, along with a group of five other developers. By 1987 the company was known as Acer.

The company began small, with just eleven employees at a small capital of $25,000 dollars. Starting off, Acer was primarily a main consultant for the use of microprocessor technologies and a distributor of a wide variety of electronic parts, but it began developing into a personal computer manufacturer. Global headquarters of Acer are located in Taiwan in the Hsinchu City. In the year 2000, Acer decided to spin off its manufacturing operation into Winstron Corporation in order to focus itself on its branding business. Its labor force expanded, and Acer grew into a worldwide company who then decided to support the sales of its large product lines through the use of specific marketing strategies that best utilized the available distribution channels. By 2002, they were referred to as the pan Acer Group, and were employing nearly 40,000 people who provided support to distributors and dealers in over 100 different countries. That year, revenues began crawling into the $12.9 billion range. Acer continued to grow bigger and better, and by the year 2005, the company employed almost 8000 people throughout the world all while still maintaining a tight global service and sales network. The company is not without its problems though, and while market shares in Europe continue to go up, the market shares listed in North America have been slipping over the last few years.

Products include the Acer aspire desktop series, notebook series including Acer travel mate, Acer gemstone, tablet PC, Acer aspire, Acer aspire timeline, Acer Extensa, Acer Ferrari, the aspire one Netbook series, PDA series in S Series Palm OS PDA’s, Acer n series PDAs, automotive navigation systems including Acer e300 series travel companion with Destinator and Navteq maps, dedicated servers and storage including Acer altos series, workstations including Acer pica, computer displays, DLP projectors, digital cameras, and LCD TVs. 

The company continues to grow into a bigger and better corporation, and has even been getting into the sport sponsorship field, first by pondering the BAR-Honda formula one racing team back in 200, and in 2001 they provided a sponsorship for the Prost Grand Prix Formula one team and even the teams Ferrari engines had Acer badges. Currently, they are sponsoring the Ferrari Formula 1 team. In January of 2009, Acer became partnered in an agreement for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and the 2012 London Summer Olympics that will enable Acer to be listed among the Worldwide Top Partners for each Olympic installment. The company will also continue to develop its computer products and services to take advantage of the newest technologies available today.

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