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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > 3 Key Benefits That Make A Green Hosting Company Green

3 Key Benefits That Make A Green Hosting Company Green

3 Key Benefits That Make A Green Hosting Company Green 

Companies all over the world have taken up the call to go green.  Helping our environment is imperative if we are going to have it for our own future as well as generations to come.  In an effort to help reduce carbon foot printing, web hosting companies have even joined in the fight.  It is believed that web hosting companies will be emitting greenhouse emissions at the level of commercial airlines within the next ten years, and to help reduce any effects on the environment, more and more are going green. 

What are the three things green hosting companies do that make them green?  Let’s take a look. 

Reuse and recycle computers, electronics, and computer components

Being green is about keeping waste down to a minimum and computer waste can be an environmental hazard.  A green web hosting company will use and reuse all types of computer equipment – monitors, keyboards, servers, routers, cables, diskettes, CDs and the cases they come in, computer tapes, etc. – until they are so obsolete that they can no longer be used.  If the items, including interior components, can be reused, a green web hosting company will store them in a central location to be used by all.  Items that cannot be reused are usually shipped off sight and recycled elsewhere. 

Companies should be efficient

Companies should do everything they can to improve the efficiency of their operations.  This should include everything, from the way the office is designed and laid out and how they conduct their business.  By virtualizing all of their web hosting server resources, they can open up more room for their customers and put all of the resources into a lager pool that becomes one large shared environment without reducing customers’ needs.  Consolidating data keeps the green web hosting company from having too many on line at one time.  Standardizing the building and construction of servers and other items in the business allows for quicker expansion, and optimizing the way the office is run by using telecommuting and teleconferencing helps employees and the environment 

Support green power in any way possible

If you are going to be a green company then you need to support green energy.  You can do this by using green power to support your servers and office environment.  If you do not have direct access to green power from wind, water, or solar energy, you can purchase renewable energy certificates to help offset the use and cost of the conventional energy you are using.  
What else is a sign of a green web hosting company?

  • The use of low voltage computer equipment and components.
  • Contributing to and being part of green organizations.
  • Using recycled construction materials for any add-on projects.
  • Using Energy Star compliant appliances in the office kitchen.
  • The elimination of paper products like manuals.
  • The use of energy efficient light bulbs and the encouragement of turning off the lights when not in use.
  • Conducting meetings via the Internet instead of meeting in person and renting hybrid cars for off-site visits.



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